Nolan Projects
Calgary, Alberta

Nolan Projects provides expert management and precise execution to drive flourishing commercial and residential developments. Our systems, processes, and dedicated professional teamwork reliably yield superb results which you can rely on to expedite your construction goals. We are your partners for success.


Nolan Projects offers clear vision and focused passion anchored by three decades experience in the construction industry and a reliable network of professionals on call. Backed by our portfolio of proven ability and with the manpower to manage complex developments from discovery session to successful completion, we deliver complex construction projects on time and on budget.


The depth and range of our industry experience enables Nolan Projects to make key contributions to the success of your construction project, regardless of sector. The diverse projects shown here comprise only a sampling from our complete portfolio. Please contact us to discover the expertise we can bring to your specific project.


Ensure your construction projects run smoothly and effectively by selecting from our comprehensive range of services. We take pride in delivering quality results, efficiently and effectively.